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It is our intention to present in this section the individuals and the teams that have contributed to the history of the greatest sports club the world has ever seen. And history for us is not a simple count of championships and cups - it means something more. This is our THANK YOU and our promise never to forget.

-A yellow Star- The first basketball team:Established by Ko stas Dhmopoulos (the one with the ball) who also played for the football team. Next to Dhmopoulos Eumenhs Athanasiadhs is shown (also a field&track athelte of AEK).
-A yellow Star- 1968 Basketball team: The team that won the European Cup Winner's Cup on the 4th of April 1968 (the first Greek success). Shown from the left:Giwrgos Trontzos, Stelios Vasileiadhs, Aias Larentzakhs, Xrhstos Zoupas and Giwrgos Amerikanos (captain). As you can see that triumph was achieved with 100% Greek players and without any foreign players, naturalised Greeks or even lost&found Greek orphans from the Eastern bloc.The triumph begun on the 18th of January 1968 against Kas Vitoria (Spain) and here is Trontzos and Larentzakis trying to get the ball. The triumph endedon the 4th of April and here is Amerikanos and Zoupas celebrating.
-A yellow Star- 2000 Basketball team: On the 11th of April 2000, 32 years after the '68 success an AEK basketball team was once again crowned as European Cup winners. The remarkable thing is the winning team once again was composed mainly by Greek players. Read the report of the game, the front-pages of newspapers , photos from the match, and players photographs and biographies.

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