European Cup Winners Final 1968

4th April 1968 - A.E.K wins the European Cup Winners Final

1968 Basketball team: The team that won the European Cup Winner's Cup on the 4th of April 1968 (the first Greek success). Shown from the left:Giwrgos Trontzos, Stelios Vasileiadhs, Aias Larentzakhs, Xrhstos Zoupas and Giwrgos Amerikanos (captain). The triumph begun on the 18th of January 1968 against Kas Vitoria (Spain) and here is Trontzos and Larentzakis trying to get the ball. The triumph ended on the 4th of April and here is Amerikanos and Zoupas celebrating. Nikos Mhlas was the coach of the team.

Listen to the last few seconds of the game, and also to what happened after the end as this was broadcasted by the Greek Public Radio (Voice of Vassilis Georgiou). (The .wav files are courtesy of the AEK Fan Club of New York).

Download a video clip from AEK of that era.




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