AEK:Past Seasons History



-A yellow Star-1995-96

-A yellow Star-1996-97

-A yellow Star-1997-98

-A yellow Star-1998-99

-A yellow Star-1999-00

-A yellow Star-2000-01

-A yellow Star-2001-02

-A yellow Star-2002-03

-A yellow Star-2003-04

-A yellow Star-2004-05

-A yellow Star-2005-06

-A yellow Star-2006-07

-A yellow Star-2007-08

-A yellow Star-2008-09

-A yellow Star-2009-10

-A yellow Star-2010-11

-A yellow Star-2011-12


-A yellow Star-2012-13


-A yellow Star-2013-14


-A yellow Star-2014-15


-A yellow Star-2015-16

-A yellow Star-2016-17

-A yellow Star-2017-18








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