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Contribution: Sofoklis Sothriou


A.E.K didn't exist in Constantinople. It first came to life in Athens starting from scratch. Following the Asia Minor war the decision to found an association from what was left from the associations that prospered in Constantinople in an effort to continue the traditions.

So the story of this team is heroic as it keeps and maintains the faith of the never-dying Greek spirit and the will to preserve alive in the ages the memory of the Asia Minor Hellenism. It is the story of a handful of people, representing the hundreds of thousands of the Greeks of Constantinople that kept in their soul the sacred legacy of the Great Athletic Spirit that was dominant in Constantinople, when hunted reached the Holy Grounds of Mother Land.

The TWO HEADED EAGLE of the Byzantine Empire was chosen as an emblem to remind the descendants the glorious athletic legacy of the Greeks of Constantinople. It didn't take long for the seeds to blossom in Athens and to become the new beginning.

The Fire and the Iron that deserted Smirni at August of '22 and the area of Pontos hit Constantinople soon after. Maybe the story of A.E.K will give us the opportunity to search deeper about what happened then. The only certain fact is that we must never forget these events... The intolerable situation that was created at the time made the Greeks realize that the Hellenic Kingdom was at an end. To escape was the only available option. It was a tragic course to Greece, leaving everything behind. The only thing that was left to follow them for ever and everywhere as it follows all Greeks wherever they are and go was the the never-ending faith and love for Greece and freedom.

Men, women and children, young and old, left to save their lives. Among them all those that continued at the time the Athletic tradition of the City. When those people rooted themselves back in Greece and started to manage they felt in time the need to come back at the football fields. Most of them already professional athletes with fame in the City they showed was they were really about from the first time. Most of them were football players of PERA KLUB and ENOSH TATABLON and they became members of Panionios team (founded in October '22) and Panathinaikos. But as the time passed, they felt the need to have their own sports club one Politikh omada (a team from Poli, Poli refers to Constantinople), a team that would be the continuity of what they left behind.

"Something must be done" was the phrase that you could hear all the time in the little athletic shop of IONA's and DHMOPOULOS' in Veragerou str. The words became faith and the faith a goal of life for that small company of people that visioned to gather under the TWO HEADED EAGLE all the football players and the fans of the City.


IT WAS A WARM SUMMER NIGHT, when after a long talk those people took the final desition. A group of people decided that it was time to give life to the faith that was rooted to their heart and to give the first sight. They were sure that they would be followed by all the people that longed for the athletic glory of Vosporos. The time came to justify their belief.

Pioneers of this effort and founding members of the new club (association) were Emilios Ionas, Kostas Dimopoulos, Miltos Ieremiadis, Menelaos Karotsieris, Menelaos Ionas, Timoleon Tagarhs, Kexagias. Moral supporter of those people was the late Kostas Spanoudis and his daughter Athina. The decision was unanimous about the name.

ATHLHTIKH ENWSH KWNSTANTINOUPOLEWS. And the emblem was the black TWO HEADED EAGLE in yellow border... The Phoenix was reborn from its ashes the TWO HEADED EAGLE was stretching his wings in the Athenian blue sky... It was Summer, July of 1924... The beginning took place.

The new club was accommodated temporarily in the offices of XAN in Mhtropoleos str. that was given to A.E.K by the Athens College professor Nikos Eleopoulos. The memorandum of the association was written and the members of the board were chosen. Chapter B of the memorandum was referring to the purposes of the association. It took only few words to summarize the greatness of A.E.K... "It is about a movement of faith...

"[...] Purpose of the association is the gathering of the athletes of Konstantinoupolis to continue the work of the various athletic associations of Konstantinoupolis that they were active members as well as the spread of the athletic spirit in the youth for the construction of sound bodies, bold spirits, gentle characters, capable to fulfill any obligation to the country, the family and the society [...]".

The memorandum was signed by Spanoudi (president), Eleopoulo (Vise President),DIMOPOULOS (Secretary General), Tagaris (Tresurer) and the members Kapotsieris and Ieremiadis. The way of a difficult but glorious route was opened...

This first part is dedicated mainly to the Heroic Greeks, inhabitants of Konstantinoupolis, the some 3000 which are now left, that loyal to their Ideas and the Principles keep holding the Greek Flag high. Secondly it is dedicated to the Heroic? Kosta Karathano that gave me the chance, with his great passion for the association, to search and find this material that has been presented.


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