The Worldnet 2000 AEK Internet Club Team

The Cyber-Team

The AEK Internet Fan Club football team participated in Worldnet 2000.

Worldnet is an annual competition between Internet Fan Club football supporters and it has been running for 5 consecutive years. The AIFC has not missed out in any of the previous years and was present this year too. This year Leeds hosted the competition, on the weekend 22 and 23 July 2000. The following people represented AEK.


Name Position Residence
Chatzoglou Dimitris Midfield London
Fotopoulos Greg Midfield Switzerland
Kavousanakis Kostas Defence Edinburgh
Lambrinos Lambros Forward London
Liloglou Lakis Midfield Liverpool
Pappas Nektarios Goalkeeper Birmingham
Plainis Sotiris Midfield Manchester
Radios Radley Defence London
Silikas Nikos Midfield Manchester
Sfikas Georgios Defence Swindon
Skliris Antonis Attacker Italy
Skliris Giorgos Defence Leeds
Tsakonikos Vassilis Defence Greece
Tsaptsinos Dimitris Defence Reading
Vasilaras Dimitris Midfield Swindon


The team resided at the following Hotel:

Trafford House and Budapest Hotel,
16-18 Cardigan Road,


  1. AEK - Exeter:1-0 (A.Skliris)
  2. AEK - Sheffield Wednesday 0-4
  3. AEK - Charlton 2-3 (Tsaptsinos (pen), Lambrinos)
  4. AEK - Leeds 1-3 (Radley)
  5. AEK - Lens 2-3 (Tsakonikosx2)
  6. AEK - Manchester United 2-1 (G.Skliris, Plainis)
  7. AEK - Arsenal 0-2

Brief Report

At the end of the first game the usual bad luck stroke again. Lambrinos was out with a groin injury and Liloglou with a knee injury. Lambros, one of the tournaments permanent scorer played against Charlton where his injury was aggreviated and Lambros ended up in hospital. Lakis Liloglou, the only left footed player lasted 3 minutes. The injuries disorganised all our plans and it showed against Wednesday but the other players played to their best of their abilities for the rest of the tournament. The most memorable events were the two goals of Tsakonikos after great passes of Plainis - simple tap ins but Vasilis was at the right place at the right time; the great goals of Lambros and Radley; a dissallowed goal of Antonis which not even Platini could have scored; and the way Dimitris took the penalty with such calmness, such precision - one will say the perfect penalty. On the social side, whereas almost everyone was participating in the tournament with high spirits, a special mention to the guys of Exeter City who were exceptionally friendly. Saturday night was spent in a Greek restaurant (The Olive Tree) which lived to the recommendations of the local AEK guy Giorgos Skliris. It was nice to see old faces and to meet new ones, felt proud that we were the only representatives of Greece once again and hope to see you for Worldnet2001.

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