AEK Internet Fan Club meetings and events

Last Changes:

IRC Meeting in Athens July 1997 Read about it.

Christmas96 meeting with the Pirates

Paris trip. 245 AEK supporters from UK, and few from US and Greece, travelled to Paris to watch the game against PSG. The participation was overwhelming and we had to disappoint some latecomers.

  • Some photos from the second leg game against PSG (courtesy of Tassos Sarakinidis)
  • And now some older staff.
  • Meeting of some of the aek-l mailing list at Vizantinh Gwnia (Byzantium Corner) cafeteria prior to the game with Hemlon at Nikos Goumas (Sep 96)...
  • ...and then all to Gate 3...
  • ...leaving somehow not happy with the result (little we knew).
  • AEK here, AEK there, AEK everywhere. Even at Hong-Kong with Stratos and friends wearing the AEK Internet Fan Club T-shirt
  • Photographs from the Euronet96 tournament
  • The Celtic Fan Club celebrating at Bangor Asteras & Walesman, and at St-Andrews (Papakwnstantinou, Skliris, Michalopoulos, Kantzidis & Vergyris)
  • Alexandros, Tasos and Dimitris visiting the New York Club (Feb 96). An inside view celebrating the win at Iraklis, and an outside view of the dwmatiaki
  • Visiting the annual USA Fan Club dance, with Mimhs Papaioannou and Stelios Serafeidhs and a view of the toptable.jpg
  • Meeting of the ex-president and the president of the future??? (1994)
  • AEK USA FAN CLUB honours AEK personnel (1995)
  • New York Fan Club meets uncle-Loukas Barlos at the airport and during honours (1995)
  • Dimitris in Edinburgh meeting some AEK fans..what a night.Asteras with friends ready to dance and drink and womanise the night away. (1994)
  • Pizza night.Watching TV and Lebanese Food
  • Trip to Germany, somewhere in Belgium (1995)
  • Skordias, George with Dusan Bajevits in Thessalonica (Christmas, 1995) before Iraklis-AEK:0-2 Cup game
  • Lambrinos, Lambros with Kasaphs Mihalis and Lambros' brother

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