The AEK Internet Fan Club has been established from AEK fans, mainly students studying abroad in order to have constantly updated information on the current issues of AEK. These are the most important of their internet activities (other that this homepage):

-A yellow Star-Our mission -English- -Ελληνικά- -French- -German- -Bulgarian- -Spanish- -Norwegian- -Portuguese- -Nederlandese- -Romanian-

-A yellow Star-AIFC Committee -Ελληνικά-

-A yellow Star-Our meetings

-A yellow Star-Email: AEK Fans Emailing List

-A yellow Star-IRC: AEK Fans on IRC

-A yellow Star- Nikos Goumas Bulletin Board: It is Nice to Talk about AEK ;)

-A yellow Star-On-line Info: Greek Sports Media

-A yellow Star-Cyber-Team: AEK Euronet 2001 Info, 2000, 99, '98 Team, '96 Team and '97 Team

-A yellow Star-The webmaster says ... archive.

-A yellow Star-Α.Ε.Κ. History : From the book of "Athlitiki Iho" 1953

-A yellow Star-Wired Fan Clubs: List of pages of local clubs

-A yellow Star-Fan Clubs (Wired & not): List of all AEK fan clubs

-A yellow Star-Young fans

-A yellow Star-Latest Server's Traffic Reports

-Internet Section Home- Αν έχετε κάποιο σχόλιο για αυτή την σελίδα , παρακαλούμε στείλτε e-mail στο

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