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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a multi user implementation of the rudimentary 'talk' program. It enables several persons to simultaneously participate in a discussion over the Registered AEK Channel #AEK which is hosted by Gr-Net IRC Network. #AEK is the place where AEK Fans broadcast the matches on-line and discuss current issues of our Team. ChanServ is the official Gr-Net server that this channel is registered. If you want to be a registered member of the channel and have access as an channel operator, join #AEK and ask nteminio (the #AEK channel manager) to register you.
How to connect to Gr-Net
Up to date details about the Gr-Net services can be found at Gr-Net IRC homepage.
How to join the Official AEK Channel
Once connected to Gr-Net IRC, type:
/nick <your nickname>
/join #aek
For more help, you may type: /msg helpserv help to receive help info about services
Also before you enter please read the #AEK policy and FAQ (available only in Greek).
Click here to access the #aek GRnet channel directly from wem

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