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The AEK World Wide Web page was created in early August, 1994 but the official birthday is the 5th of September of the same year. The AEK Web was one of the first football servers in the world and the first for Greek football.

Since then the electronic home of AEK keeps growing all the time thanks to the support and contribution of more than 150 registered visitors from Australia to USA.
The AEK WWW together with the introduction of the mailing list keep the AEK idea alive through the cables.

The AEK WWW server was created just after the 1994 Preliminary rounds for the Champions League draw with Glasgow Rangers. Through the Web, the soccer newsgroup and a manual then mailing list, 50 AEK fans residing in the UK and Ireland booked their ticket for the replay at Ibrox.
After the victorious AEK performance it was decided to keep, modify and enhance the AEK WWW server in order to:

Our mission does not differ from the mission and objectives of the people who in 1924 established AEK. They expressed that

...The objective of this club is to gather athletes from Constantinople in order to continue the work of the various athletic clubs of Constantinople...

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the AEK WWW server, become a registered visitor and help us continue improving. If you have any comments or want to become a registered visitor please contact

I take this opportunity to thank LPAC and Kingston University for allowing us the use of their resources for the first two years.

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