AEK (Athletic Union of Constantinople, based in Athens) is a Greek sports club with a reputation for quality and excellence  from basketball and football to boxing and volleyball. Here, you will find information about the AEK club, in particular information about the history of the club, its origins and its links with Byzantine Empire is a service of AEK Internet Fan Club and a 100% unofficial fansite. This site is NOT associated or endorsed by AEK FC, AEK BC or any other Athletic Union of Constantinople's teams or their official websites.AEK Internet Fan Club was set up with the goal to provide AEK fans all over the world with the latest news and rumours of our team, and to allow AEK fans to communicate with each other through our Bulletin Board, our IRC channel and our electronic Mailing list.

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Official AEK Sites

Ερασιτεχνική ΑΕΚ AEK ΠΑΕ Official Website
AEK Σκάκι  Official Website (chess)

Official AEK Shops

ΠAE AEK online shop (AEKshop)
AEK Basketball Club online store (AEKstore)